Sunday, May 24, 2009

North American F86 Sabre

North American F86 Sabre

The classic F86 Sabre jet fighter aircraft of the US forces first flew in prototype form in October 1947. The aircraft featured a swept back wing which was a result mainly of information gathered from German fast aircraft development and was powered by the General Electric J47 engine which in early Sabres produced about 4,850lbs of thrust. Wingspan of this new generation combat aircraft was around 37ft.

The initial production Sabre, the F86A first took to the the skies in 1948, later that year a Sabre took the air speed record at a speed of 670.9 mph, ever closing in on the sound barrier. The following year the F86 entered service.

Development of the Sabre continued over the following years. A flying tailplane (all moving with no separate control surface) was introduced in 1950 with the F86E Sabre and engine thrust was continually increased.

When the Korean peninsula troubles began in 1950 the North American Sabre was to become the major USAF air superiorty fighter used.
In this conflict the F86 was pitted largely against the excellent Russian Mig 15 single engined jet. The Mig 15 was a tough adversary, both fast and with a heavy cannon in the nose. Sabres however managed to dominate the aircraft with a reported 11:1 victory ratio.

Sabres in this conflict flew alongside Shooting Stars and Thunderjets together with piston fighters like the Mustang, Corsair and British Sea Fury.
The single engine Sabre was the finest fighter plane of it's time in the late forties and early fifties.

NASA test F86 in flight

The all weather variant of the F86 became known as the F86D Sabre-Dog. This version could be distinguished by the fairing on the nose above the air intake which was used to house the radar system. The Sabre-Dog was used in the US throughout most of the 1950s.

Other countries to use the F86 Sabre included Canada, Britain, Australia, Japan, Germany, Italy, Denmark and many others.

Monday, May 18, 2009

8 dari 9 AS coy yang hadir reunion

seorang lagi lim kiat choy tidak dapat hadir majlis makan malam tapi ada di acara golf paginya. walaupun kurang qty tapi banyak yang heavyweight seperti masrani, iqbal dan kamarul serta lainnya. jadi kesimpulannya AS coy dapat mempamirkan/menampilkan bintang-bintang mereka pada malam tersebut. tahniah diucapkan pada semua yang hadir pada semua coy dan penganjur yang berpenat lelah.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

14 AR Coy yang hadir malam reunion

tahniah pada skot AR coy yang hadir walaupun sama jumlah dengan SP Coy tetapi dikira kecundang dengan kiraan mata kerana faktor wanita.lain kali cuba lagi.
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

14 antara sp coy 21 yang hadir malam reunion

antara mereka yang hadir seramai 14 orang. berbanding ar coy seramai 14 juga dan as coy seramai 8. walau bagaimana pun sp coy dikira juara juga sebab kelebihannya ada wakil tunggal wanita. as coy macam biasalah dari dulu sampai sekarang dia bagi sp dan ar berentap dan dia sebagai pemerhati (pengadil).
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