Wednesday, January 7, 2009

racal tra 906

The Racal "Squadcal" units I have are xtal controlled 2 to 7Mhz AM CW USB on something like 29 channels, with a single xtal per channel. The case is injection molded plastic, with a battery compartment for 3ea 6 Volt lantern type batteries. All circuitry is on a single PC board. Construction quality is about the same as found on mid 1970's marine radios, Glass-epoxy PC board, no plugins. There are no sealed modules or exotic integrated circuits. Definitely a bargain basement type of radio design, but not flimsy.
Reported to have been originally designed and built in Australia by Racal Australia, the following is taken from their promotional literature.

Ops 2-7mc on any of 29 xtal control channels with unlimited spacings. Modes include AME/SSB/CW, with an RF output power of 5 watts PEP/CW. Primarily designed for backpack operation with the standard MA 948 nicad battery, other battery options included an adapter for the use of 14 "D" cells, or alternately 3ea 6v lantern type batteries. Power could also be supplied by optional equipment from AC mains or a DC vehicle source. Features and controls include, a built in antenna tuner for use of a top mounted whip antenna, or 50 ohm output connections. A Clarifier control for fine tuning SSB or CW pitch. And an RF gain control, strangely, there's no volume control. The radio is also said to be completely seal, dust and water tight.
For a radio set of the 60's-70's, the Squadcal would offer some features that would appeal to the purchaser of equipment for a POOR and BACKWARD country. These would include it's simple operation and construction. The discrete component, single board design would allow for a minimum of logistics problems, and simple servicing, similar to a CB radio. However a more skilled technician would be required and field servicing would be impossible. As we know that Iraq was neither Poor, nor Backward, and they had no skilled technicians. Again a common fact remains, It Was Cheap!

radio set ini digunakan bila mengadakan latihan hutan terutama final exercise. masa itu radio ini dibawa siap dengan anak gajah dimasuk dalam pack. apa yang berlaku komunikasi tidak pernah dapat. cuma penat pikul sajalah.

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